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september 16, 2007
we had a great time ministering in music to the edgely Christian church in bristol, pa. thanks to our hosts for having us!

august 16, 2007
we've started booking gigs for the fall

june 24, 2007
thanks to all those who came out to the park to hear us!

june 8, 2007
we had a great and meaningful time playing and ministering to everyone who came out to the cup of g race coffeehouse. thanks to our friends in mullica hill for hosting us again!

may 15, 2007
the time and place of our may 19th concert has changed. please check the gigs page for details.

april 17, 2007
we had to cancel our concert at the singles cafe this past friday. :-( dan was sick in bed with a fever of 103 and just couldn't get there... sorry to everyone who wanted to see us! we'll be scheduling that one again soon hopefully.

since he was feeling a little better, dan drug himself out on saturday night and we had a really great time. bill from holy grounds hooked us up on his new house system and we had the place shakin'!

april 4, 2007
for the first time ever a recorded version of "what else can we say" is available as an mp3 download. also, check out the updated version of "we will never fear". you can find both on our sounds page.

march 26, 2007
another great reverential weekend... we heard a new palm sunday worship song saturday night that was really good. sunday night we hung out with the crew down at connexion. can a coffeehouse and worship time get any cooler? the rev-electro cd turned out to be a hot item at both gigs... thanks to everyone who helped us out in so many ways this weekend, and thanks to saturday night J.a.m. and connexion for having us out!

march 15, 2007
in spite of "the case of the missing piano sound", the one way cafe gig was great and a lot of fun. thanks to everyone who came out to see us... and thanks to corey and erin for helping us pack up our gear!

february 26, 2007
thanks to everyone who came out to see us at cup of grace coffeehouse in mullica hill! we had a great time and enjoyed meeting all of you. we hope to see you again soon!

january 22, 2007
more dates are being booked! check back often for additional shows.

january 4, 2007
happy new year! reverential is ready to start touring again! also, dan's alter-ego, rev-electro, has a new cd of instrumental electronic music now for sale. check it out the www.rev-electro.com.

september 20, 2006
reverential has reformed and will be hitting the road soon with an astounding 2-man electronic/rock performance. check us out at a venue near you... or contact us to schedule a gig!.