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whether you know it or not, you are the recipient of a gift of great cost and momentous consequence.

the Bible teaches that God created everything that exists, and that as the Creator, He has prescribed purpose and order to every part of creation. human beings, however, created by God with the ability to love and therefore the ability to choose, have preferred to ignore the purpose and order for which they were created and to act in rebellion against God and do those things which He has not prescribed.

have you ever told a lie, taken something that was not yours, acted selfishly toward another person, or done something else that you knew was wrong? If you have, then you are living evidence of this rebellion. the Bible teaches that the absolute justice which is part of God's character demands payment for this rebellion, and that the payment is eternal separation from God in a place of torture and isolation.

in spite of our rebellion against Him, however, God still loves each and every person and He is grieved to see the circumstances under which His creation has fallen. because of this He derived a plan that would satisfy His sense of justice but also allow Him show His love to the entire world.